Choose Your Joy

“I like cancelled plans.  And empty bookstores.  I like rainy days and thunderstorms.  And quiet coffee chops.  I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas.  Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings.” - Unknown 


I have learned and truly absorbed so many lessons over the last two years.  But, if I could pin point which one is the most important I believe it would be this: Choose joy.  Choose YOUR joy.  Figure out what it is that keeps you moving forward; that keeps you loving life, keeps you curious and wandering.  Find what it is that gently reminds you everyday why you are special, and what you have to offer this world and the people around you.  Choose your happiness.  Treasure it.  Share it with others.  When we focus on and share our joy, we heal.


For a recent project, I chose to capture people doing things, or being with others, that bring them joy.  For some, painting quietly in solitude.  Others, their profession, their loved ones, former students, or floating in water.  What is beautiful about this project is that everyone chose something different, and not by my request.  Here you will see 10 different people who each chose to share something beautiful and precious to them: their joy.